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giving back what once was received

Getting involved with our community is one of our founding values. We have always strived to give back to the community by doing open source, organizing meet ups and participating in conferences, and by developing emergent talent.

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Open source

Open source has always inspired us and it's a key pillar for our culture and operational philosophy.

The OSS community goes beyond creating better software; it's a way to share experiences, connect with people, and create great things together.

Since day one, our team believed in the potential of building in the open. After more than a decade of doing open source, we are proud of its evolution and growth, and the best part is... this is just the beginning!


Our open-source software was embedded in +40k apps, such as:

Featured OSS


Eureka is the most powerful iOS library to rapidly create complex form interfaces for user input and app settings screens. It uses a DSL to declaratively specify the form and it's fully extensible and configurable. Used across 15k apps, Eureka has become the community facto form builder solution in Swift.

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1.3k forks

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Talks & Meetups

We encourage our team to share knowledge and connect with the community. We build networks that support the development and growth of its members.

AppBuilders - Small Team. Big Open Source

By Rodrigo Arzuaga

A question we get asked often is how our small team that develops custom software is able to organize itself to create several popular open-source projects. In this talk, we gave an honest response about the principles and key practices that organizations need to foster in order to build a culture that encourages the creation of new and innovative Open Source material. We also went through the benefits of building an Open Source culture, how to come up with good ideas, and the initial steps to create an Open Source project.


BASwiftable - Creating forms with SwiftUI

By Mathias Claassen & Rodrigo Arzuaga

In the WWDC 19, Apple presented SwiftUI, and it really looks cool. But how flexible and customizable is it under the hood? How easy is it to create forms for real problems? How does it compare to current solutions like Eureka? We plan to show examples and compare it to Eureka. We will estimate the effort and show how reusable the SwiftUI code is.

iOS, Mobile

Mobile Day - Speed up iOS development

By Martin Barreto

Eureka is the most popular library that allows developers to rapidly create iOS forms. Dropbox, Kindle, SoundCloud, Chase Mobile, Foursquare, Wikipedia, and 30k more apps build its forms and app settings using Eureka. In this talk, Martin Barreto showed how easy and fast it is to create iOS forms using Eureka and our experience with discovering, creating and promoting OSS components.

iOS, Mobile, OSS

Recent activity

Key metrics for growing digital startups!


Agustín got together with Frans, host of DataLatam #podcast, to talk about ML on the edge and how we help companies to safely reopen during covid using it!


Swift Montevideo Meetup - Recap WWDC 2020


We spoke with Iker Gómez from Bigdatéame podcast about, an Edge AI solution that allows orgs to safely reopen during covid!


App Builders 2020 - Small team. Big Open Source.


XL School

We aim to be a hub that supports creative talents unlock their full potential by providing opportunities, trainings, and mentorships.

The way our team supports each other
empowers our culture

Every team member receives support and feedback from a senior mentor during their onboarding and training.

By mentoring new team mates, we aim to unlock their full potential and boost their skills. Our established team works alongside them to share the way we approach problems and find solutions.

Research and community as top priorities

We invest time in research & development to get on board with new technologies and improve our capabilities and skill set.

Our Seniors foresee student growth with a proven plan

Our training plans for grade students teach them not only best practices, but also our collaborative processes.

Robust culture and shared vision

Our team members champion our core values and principles by working side-by-side with new members to share our culture.

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